Social Responsibility

BODCAD SERVICES LIMITED (BSL) social responsibility in partnership with the host communities is derived by the following:

  • To create awareness in the community members in the project to be carried out.
  • We maintain constant communication with all social segments of host communities in order to address their needs.
  • To motivate and enlist the support of the community members in planning and implementing programmes in their loyalty the improvement of living conditions.
  • Ensure in working in partnership with host communities and where appropriate with government, donors, non-governmental organization and other stakeholders.
  • The need to establish a community development programme which applies world standards of practice to serve its host communities paying special attention to the most economically disadvantaged social group.
  • Focusing community development on activities having high impact and broad benefits for host population.

sustainability, through a series of direct social investment, which the company selects together with participating communities to meet the needs they feel to be most important. In addition to this, Recognize the socio-cultural environment of the host communities where we operate.  To this end, we nurture, grow and sustain local capacity development in the indigenes and ensure that we work via communal issues to provide stable and conducive